2018 Training Ride Schedule

If you're reading this then you've either signed up or are considering joining us on our epic bike ride to Paris for Princess Alice Hospice. 

Official Training Rides - (first Sunday of every month)

4th February 2018 - 60km - DONE
4th March 2018 - 75km - DONE
1st April 2018 - 90km
6th May 2018 - 100km

Meeting 8.30am from Walton Bridge Cafe

e'll be heading out in a variety of directions gradually building distance and pace in preparation for the main event. It's also a great opportunity to get used to group riding and meet some of the wonderful charecters coming on the trip.

Saturday Social Rides
For those of you new to cycling, or perhaps looking to build fitness or confidence on your bike then every Saturday we're running a series of social rides, easy pace, not too far, a couple of hills and maybe a coffee thrown in. 

Every Saturday 8.30am, Walton Bridge Cafe

Announcement - London to Paris 2018

As many of you will already know our 2018 London to Paris bike ride will take place between 7th-10th June, leaving Princess Alice Hospice on Thursday 7th June.

So far we have 17 confirmed riders with a huge amount of interest already and quite a few new faces. Hopefully we can exceed the 25 people we took this year and beat our 2017 fundraising efforts raising over £16,000.

If you're interested in taking part, doing something amazing for a truly worthwhile cause then please get in touch.